Build Brand Credibility

Use Sales notification campaigns to convert visitors into customers and build brand credibility through social proof nudges. 


A new apparel store wants to build brand credibility in a way that is easy and less time consuming.

When buyers visit an online apparel store that they don’t know about, they may be unsure about the credibility and quality  of the products offered. Customers may not make a purchase unless they are sure.  

59% of shoppers prefer to buy products from the brand that they trust

In general, Customers are influenced by the choices and recommendations of other buyers be it in the actual store or in the e-commerce space which is called social proof.  When customers visit the store,  if they are provided with visual and mental cues related to actual purchases made by other customers in the form of notifications and pop-ups it will help them to overcome their doubt about the brand.

Studies show that Building brand credibility and consistency has shown to improve revenue by 20- 30 %


Instant sales notification can come in handy to build or reinforce the brand credibility by showcasing the store’s sales activity and a product’s popularity when people buy it. When customers get to see the live information that the store is active and selling then, they are gently nudged to trust the brand and buy the product. 

enComm nudge is available on the shopify app store.
Nudge Case1 Benefits
  • Easy to setup and use After installing the nudge app sales notification campaigns can be created right away. There is no need to write any code. It saves time and effort.
  • Build Credibility enComm nudge uses actual order related data in the store to show the sales notifications. Therefore it helps build credibility and increase sales.
  • Easy to customize  The recent sales activity can be shown as a pop up on any page of the e-commerce site. It can be easily  customized to appear at a particular time and at a particular place on the page. 
  • Optimize notifications The Analytics dashboard in the app provides insight on the campaign which will help the store to optimize the notifications on their page.
  • How to setup a sale notification campaign using enComm nudge After installing enComm nudge from the shopify store, Follow the steps in the below video to start creating a sales notification campaign.