Offline subscription solutions ( store walk-in / phone calls )


Selling health supplements via online and offline orders

Many health supplement brands sell their products in both physical stores and online retail stores. Customers frequently purchase health supplements, so having a subscription service will help in creating recurring revenue. Most brands having a physical presence also accept phone orders.

When a customer walks into a store and opts for a monthly subscription of healthcare supplements, the sales executive will get their details and enter them into their system. The store might want to streamline all online and offline orders in one place.


enComm Subscriptions – Offline subscription. 

The Subscriptions app allows you to streamline both online and offline orders within the app. Merchants have the option to add new customer details and subscription information on the app along with the payment details. Once the details are added, the app will use the information to automate payments  for that particular customer based on the plans they have chosen. The enComm app makes it easy for merchants to automate the process, streamline all the orders (online and offline), and manage subscriptions every month.

Benefits of using enComm Subscriptions for offline orders

Benefits of Offline Subscription Solutions

  • Allows online subscription orders: Merchants can offer customers the option to subscribe via their online store. Customers also have the option to cancel, update or pause their subscription.
  • Allow offline subscription orders: Customers can make Offline subscription orders via phone calls and store walk-ins, so that merchants don’t miss out on any business. The offline order details entered by the merchant get added / updated to the shopify store automatically through the subscriptions app
  • Automate recurring payments: Subscriptions app will use the information in the shopify store to automate payments.
  • No Manual update required: A  dedicated resource is not required  to manually update the offline orders every month. It eliminates the chance for errors in processing the orders.
  • Analytics Dashboard to get insights on revenue: Merchants can view all the orders in one place. It is useful when analyzing the revenue generated through the subscription service.

How does it work?

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