Offline orders through call centers ( customized solution )

Brand: Aloecure 

Seattle based American Global Health Group (AGHG) is the parent company of the brand Aloecure which is one of the largest producers of organically certified pure Aloe vera and Aloe vera based health supplements and beauty products. They do direct mail marketing through flyers and all phone calls related to product purchase and enquiry that come in from customers are handled by call centers. Aloecure was finding it difficult to bridge the gap between the orders that come in through the call center and the information available in their shopify store. They wanted a solution that could keep the shopify store orders in sync with the customer orders that come in through the call center.


enComm Subscriptions –  received offline orders through call centers

When a call center employee receives a subscription order request from a customer they use Encomm subscriptions app to create new or modify the existing orders. The Subscriptions app manages the recurring payments and creates orders and automatically syncs them to Aloecure’s ecommerce store. The orders are synced to the ecommerce platform to allow for a seamless fulfillment process and integration with other downstream systems. Using encomm’s decline recovery process, the customer was able to recover > 10% of declined subscriptions.

Aloecure was able to upsell many of their products and achieve a 25% increase in revenue through the custom subscription plans and additional features provided by Encomm Subscriptions app.

Encomm Subscriptions app was customized to be used by the call center employees to do the following activities.

  • Add new orders for new customers:  New Customer orders can be added to the store through the Encomm subscription app’s user friendly interface by capturing the customer details, order details and payment related information.
  • Add or update orders for existing customers: Existing customers in the store can be looked up using the Encomm Subscriptions app and then new order related information can be added or any changes to the existing subscriptions can be made through the app.
  • Add free gifts to orders: The Subscriptions app has an option to add a product as a free gift along with a one time purchase or subscription order.
  • Add free trial for a subscription order: The Subscriptions app has an option to offer a free trial on subscription orders which allows the first shipment to be free. All the subsequent shipments for that subscription order will be charged automatically by the Subscriptions app without the need to modify the plan.

Benefits of Encomm Subscription for offline orders

Benefits of Offline orders through call centers

  • Convert one time purchase into subscription orders: Reduce churn and increase the customer lifetime value.
  • Automate recurring payments: The payments related to subscription orders are automatically processed based on the plan frequency.
  • All orders in one place: Online store orders and offline orders through phone can be maintained in one place.
  • No manual update required: It eliminates the chance for errors in processing the orders.
  • Analytics dashboard: Get insights about the revenue generated through subscription orders.

How does it work?

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