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Custom Plans

Customize the app features based on your requirements

Create subscription plans for a single product, a set of products, or product variants. Select the subscription frequency that works best for your business model and update your plans whenever you want. Create automatic discounts for subscriptions and receive detailed metrics for each plan.


Free Trials & Gift Purchases

Strengthen your customer relationship with the ability to add products as gifts to the cart.
To encourage your clients to try new products, you may automatically include free trials in their subscription orders and zero-dollar gifts with one-time purchases.
The app includes an automated process that debits the amount for the next subscription without having to modify plans.


Self-managed Customer Kiosk

Your customers have the power to edit and remove products from existing subscriptions.

Enable customers to manage their own subscription, allowing them to edit, cancel, or even pause their subscription and resume later. Secure subscription contracts are automatically created and updated. These quick and simple subscription updates will reduce churn and improve revenue as well.


Flexible Cart Management

Allow customers to add both one-time and subscription items to the same order.
Remove any restrictions that may hinder customers from purchasing more. Customers can utilize our custom feature to combine one-time order and subscription products in the same cart for a hassle-free shopping experience.

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All orders in one place

Automate and streamline online and offline subscription orders in one place.

Encomm Subscription enables you to integrate offline subscriptions placed through phone calls to the app. This option eliminates the need for a dedicated resource to manually update the orders every month. Our app will automate the process and take care of the recurring subscriptions. You may now access your online and offline orders from the same portal, saving time and paperwork.

One App, Many features

Encomm Subscription offers many more features,
making it the most versatile subscription app for Shopify retailers.

Encomm Subscription offers many more features, making it the most versatile subscription app for Shopify retailers.


Delayed Start

Earn more customers by giving them the option to have a delayed start on all subscription products


Custom Refunds

Manage the entire order life cycle by initiating refunds from the app itself


Template Designer

Impress your customers with catchy design templates



Set up custom discounts on your products on the go!


Custom Subscription Offering

Create and configure any subscription offering using our APIs


Third Party Integrations

Powerful APIs to help integrate with third party agencies


Convenient Payment Options

Accept subscription payments from customers through online and phone orders, then streamline them in the app for easy tracking. All Encomm Subscription payments are safe and secure.


Unmatched Technical Support

Our expert team will assist you in installing the app and also offer technical support so that you may use the subscription service without any interruption.

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Analytics dashboard with a detailed report

Keep track of all your key performance indicators using our real-time analytics report. You can get insights on the revenue, best working subscription model, customer behavior, and more.


Migration Service with zero downtime

We help you seamlessly migrate from other subscription services, which means no payment disruptions or card updates needed. You can continue to run your business as we migrate your existing subscriber data without interruption.

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