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Brand: is an e-commerce store offering a wide range of aromatherapy and natural products like incense, essential oils, candles, diffusers, and home and personal care products. The brand believes in a natural way of life and promotes the use of wellness products to enrich the lives of people.


Customers who use incense sticks and essential oils tend to repeatedly purchase these products and may prefer to buy them on a monthly basis. Offering these customers an automated subscription service can generate recurring revenue for the brand.


enComm Subscriptions – online subscription.  

Based on the frequency, Incensesticks,com designed three types of subscription plans for its consumers on all incense sticks, essential oils, and personal care products. This includes products delivered every month, once every 2 months, and once every 3 months. They also offered discounts on these subscription plans to encourage customers to subscribe.

  1. Using the Subscriptions app, was able to create custom discounts for all of their subscription plans: 15% off for every month’s delivery, 10% off for once every 2 months, and 5% off for once every 3 months. Custom discounts entice customers to choose a subscription plan over a one-time purchase.
  2. The Subscriptions app enabled their customers to edit, pause, cancel, and delay their subscription without their help.
  3. Customers were able to add both subscription products and one-time purchases to the same cart and complete the transaction.

Benefits of installing enComm Subscription:

Benefits of Online Subscription Solution

  • Automate recurring payments with ease: Subscriptions app will use the information in the shopify store to automate payments.
  • Create custom subscription plans: Based on the subscription frequency It is possible to create custom discounts on products.
  • Increase customer life-time value: Through the subscription based custom discounts one time purchases can be converted to subscription orders.
  • Reduce churn: Flexible solution to allow customers to manage their subscription orders at any time and checkout both one time purchase and subscription orders seamlessly helps retain the customers.
  • Offer product trial on subscription orders: Product trial on subscription orders gives customers the flexibility to try a product and then decide whether they want to continue the subscription or not.

How does it work?

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