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Social Proof Campaigns Improve Trust And Build Credibility

Social proof is the notion that consumers are influenced by their peers’ shopping behavior and trust their recommendations over the seller’s marketing efforts.
Social Proof

Sales Notification Popups

The Encomm Nudge app allows you to create recent sales notification popups that show your customers that your store is active and that sales are up and running. When more people buy from you, it builds trust in your business and helps customers overcome their reservations.

Simple to Set Up and Easy to Use
How Do Sales Notifications Help Your Business?

Increase Conversion & Sales


Build Credibility


Save Time & Effort


Gain Insights on Analytics

Features That Are Perfect For Your Business
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Put on your creative hat

Start customizing the notification pop-ups to match the appearance and feel of your store. You have complete control over the design of the templates, including text, color, image, padding, and other elements.

You can also choose from our pre-made templates if you prefer a more minimalist look.

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You make the rules

You have complete control over when and where your notifications appear. You can choose the time interval between notifications, the pages these notifications should appear on, and more. Set the display rules based on your customers’ behavior.

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Take control

Although our app offers default settings for sales notifications, you have the option to adjust them. When we say you have complete control, we mean it.

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Track Every Move

We help you optimize your on-page notifications based on the campaign insights. You can track the impressions, clicks, engagement and more from the analytics dashboard.

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Sync seamlessly

You can effortlessly integrate our app with your Shopify-powered online store and start nudge marketing right away. It takes less than 2 minutes to begin your campaign.

FOMO Marketing Creates Urgency And Accelerates Sales

Fear of missing out (FOMO) is a concept of displaying information that creates urgency and triggers customers to make an impulse purchase before a product slips through their fingers.

As a result of FOMO, around 60% of millennials make impulsive purchases, often within 24 hours.

As a result of FOMO, around 60% of millennials make impulsive purchases, often within 24 hours.

Meanwhile, 41% of millennials use their phones to make quick transactions because they don’t want to miss out. When implemented correctly, the concept of FOMO can help customers get better deals and shop more efficiently.

Product Interest Campaigns

Using product interest signals, our Nudge app creates FOMO campaigns. The number of times a product has been viewed, sold, and added to carts, are displayed in the campaign. When interest campaigns indicate how quickly a product is selling, it creates a sense of scarcity, driving customers to act quickly.

Persuade Customers With Custom Campaigns
Features That Will Make An Impact
Feature 1

Design Campaigns Your Way

The templates offer a distinct design that attracts customers' attention while remaining simple. It can also be adjusted to match the website theme. To run your campaign, you can choose either predefined or custom templates.

Feature 2

Create An Impact With Words

You have the freedom to change the call to action text that you believe will trigger FOMO and encourage customers to purchase. You could also use a preexisting call to action.

Feature 3

Apply Time Slice

The time slice option adds a timeframe to the product interest signal, displaying how many times a product has been viewed, added to the cart, or sold in a specific time period. You can choose the time slice based on how quickly your product sells.

Feature 4

Metrics That Matter

Our Nudge app displays the metrics of all the product interest campaigns in the analytics section. These metrics can help determine which campaigns and products are performing well, allowing you to optimize them.

Step Up Your Campaigns With Nudge Product Interests

Step Up Your Campaigns With Nudge Product Interests


Most apps only show one activity in a campaign - the number of views, the number of products sold, or the number of products added to cart.

Nudge product interest allows you to display all three activities at the same time. This creates a sense of urgency that the products will sell out soon, gently prompting them to act.

Drive New Sales And Grow Your Business Effortlessly

Did we mention that none of the campaigns requires any coding? Yes, we did all of the hard work so you can focus on the sales
generated by our Nudge app every day.

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