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(Below steps are required for all 2.0 themes and later)

To add subscription widget to the product page of storefront,

  • Once the enComm subscriptions app is installed and plan groups are set up, login to Shopify admin.
  • Once in the storefront, navigate to “Online store” on the left panel and select “Customize” in the theme editor.
  • Once in the theme editor, select the desired product and under product information, select “Add block” and then select “Encomm subscriptions” from it. (Contact support if you do not see this widget)
  • Drag and Drop the “enComm Subscription” under the Quantity selector section. (You can place it in any desired place where you would want the subscription widget to show up).
  • Save and refresh to see the widget reflected in the product page.

To see how the above steps are done. please click here

For vintage themes, the below code changes have to be made before setting up the app. For other themes all steps are automated.

Step 1 – Add the Encomm Plugin Liquid to the product page:

In order to customize product page themes, make sure below lines of code are added to respective Liquid theme files,

  1. Login to the Shopify admin panel, e.g.,
  2. On the left, click Online Store and then click Themes
  3. Click Actions and then click Edit Code from the actions drop down
  4. Look for below liquid files on the left

Before modifying code, make sure you have the below file present, if not contact developer support.


Then search for ,


If not found, look for any of these below,

product-detail.liquid files.

Occasionally, the file name may be listed as something different. If you do not see one of the options above and are unsure where to find the file, please get in touch with the developer support.

Once you are in one of the files listed above, look for the form tag with an action attribute set to /cart/add..

If it is Liquid code, it will look like this:

{% form ‘product’, product, class: productClasses %}


If it is HTML code, it will look like this:

<form id=”add-item-form” action=”/cart/add” method=”post”><br>


Within the form tag, paste the following code:

{% render ‘encomm-subscription’ %}


Step 2 – Add the Selling Plan Name to the cart page:

Note: If you are using Dawn theme, skip this step.

Look for, Sections->cart-template.liquid

Paste the following code like in the screenshot below:


To create subscription orders, payment processors and Sales Tax information needs to be setup on the app. Encomm app right now uses to process payments and Avalara to calculate Sales tax. To do this,

  1. Create an account on
  2. Merchant will receive an email with API key and token
  3. Signature key on needs to be enabled/activated by the merchant for the app to receive webhook responses from – If this step is skipped, orders cannot be created.
  4. Now navigate to the Payments tab on the Encomm app and enter the API key details.

Before placing orders,

  • Create a new plan group and add products to it. These two menus can be found under the subscription tab.
  • Next navigate to orders tab, and select create order. This page lets you create/modify customer info, browse and add products to cart and make a payment.
  • By selecting each customer on the customers tab, subscriptions can be managed by merchants.
Encomm subscriptions app is currently available on the Shopify app store. Search for Encomm subscriptions, click “Get App” and the app will instantly install on your shop.
Encomm provides your customers more ways to subscribe to your products – by phone, via call center, via storefront etc. This helps generate recurring revenue for businesses.
Once you’ve installed Encomm subscriptions, you can transform any product into a subscription product. First, you’ll create a subscription plan (weekly, monthly, or quarterly delivery) and choose your discounted price (optional). Then you’ll attach your products to make them available for subscription. Shoppers can then select a subscription plan option and will be charged on a repeat basis automatically.
To use Encomm subscriptions, merchants must have a Shopify store. TBD

Feel free to get in touch with us anytime at and we will get back to you super fast.

Subscriptions are recurring transactions that a customer gets billed automatically for. For example, let’s say you subscribed to a bag of coffee every week and you would get charged regularly every week that coffee bag was delivered.

Yes, the app can automatically charge your customers. You can use the recurring feature if you are using as your payment gateway. You can read more about requirements here:

The recurring subscription rules require you to have set up in your shop. This way, you can accept subscriptions with recurring functionality.
This means that you can have up to 5000 active orders in the app. The app has no limits on the amount of products you accept subscriptions on or how many subscription rules you can set up.
Encomm uses Avalara to calculate sales taxes. You will need to enter your avalara credentials on the app and we will take care of calculating taxes on all the products that are added to the cart.
You can do an in-app upgrade. Go to app’s settings ->My plans-> Upgrade and you can choose your desired plan options.