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Reduce Churn, Increase Customer Lifetime Value, and Boost Revenue

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Performance-Based enComm Stands Out As The Top Choice For Subscription Brands Seeking Revenue Recovery

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While industry norms for automated revenue recovery hover between
enComm’s approach propels success rates up to an impressive

Our Innovative Approach Can Recover Up To 60% Of Failed Payments

Effective dunning does more than recover lost revenue. It’s about protecting your brand identity, optimizing the customer journey, and building positive relationships.

Minimize Churn And Increase Customer Lifetime Value

We help fix churn before the customers are gone for good. We prioritize understanding and addressing the reasons behind churn, so we can help subscription sellers protect their brand value and create a loyal customer base.

Brand-Centric Approach To Win Back Customers

Consistent and engaging content that aligns with your brand’s identity, coupled with human interactions that maintain brand identity and offer dedicated support helps strengthen customer relationships and win back customers.

Multiple Touch Points to Maximize Recovery

We leverage the power of AI, automation, and live agent interactions to ensure maximum recovery and re-enrollments. Our personalized strategy ensures that customers feel genuinely valued, fostering lasting connections.
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Key features

Leverage enComm’s advanced technologies and strategic approach to identify and recover all types of failed payments promptly.
Dunning Features

Seamless integration, limitless control

Our platform effortlessly integrates with your existing subscription billing system. We offer the option to switch to enComm's in-house subscriptions app at any time, with no data loss or downtime, giving you complete control and flexibility in managing your subscriptions.

Key Features2

Rule-based automatic retries to minimize churn when it starts

Our intelligent retry engine strategically schedules transaction attempts at optimal times, increasing the chances of recovery for soft declines. This proactive approach resolves involuntary churn even before the customer knows about the payment failure, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted subscription experience.

Key Features3

Automated workflows for Failed payments

Unlock the power of automated workflows that launch targeted dunning campaigns through personalized Emails, SMS, or both. From failed retries to hard payment declines, keep subscribers informed and engaged. Multiple dunning campaigns and tailor-made templates based on specific failure codes ensure a seamless payment update experience.

Key Features4

Live agent outbound calls for engaged recovery and re-enrollments

While automation is powerful, our live agent interactions for personalized problem-solving and relationship-building, ensure maximum recovery. After multiple retries and automated workflows, the pending payment lists are forwarded to expert call center agents who offer a seamless brand experience, recover payments, and even create opportunities to upsell, down-sell, or cross-sell.

Key Features5

What about voluntary churn or subscription cancellations?

We can handle that too!

Through personalized win-back campaigns and expert sales agent outreach, we directly connect with subscribers who have canceled to understand their needs and pain points. Prioritizing customer retention, we provide compelling incentives for re-enrollment or the choice of a subscription pause. Our personalized win-back strategy ensures that customers feel genuinely valued and understood, fostering lasting connections.

According to Subscription Insider,
Businesses that implement effective dunning management strategies can reduce involuntary churn rates by up to 30%.
According to a survey by HubSpot,
93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies that offer excellent customer service, helping combat voluntary churn.
According to a study by Harvard Business Review,
Increasing customer retention rates by just 5% can increase profits by 25% to 95%.

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