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All you need to create a powerful Shopify Store
Get your E-commerce Management Service Partner

Running a business is hard,
but launching a shopify store should not be.

We understand that setting up and optimizing an ecommerce store takes a lot of time and requires an army of experts. Allow us to do all of the hard work so you can focus solely on boosting sales and building your brand. We’ve spent years mastering this art, and now you can leverage it. We can help develop everything from small stores to Shopify Plus stores.

Encomm Genie is your virtual Shopify development partner, providing both managed services and e-commerce solutions.
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Encomm Managed Services

Best Onboarding App Service,
Only At Encomm

Setting up, Configuring, Optimizing, Troubleshooting and More

Allow Encomm Genie to assist you with the technical support required for configuring, customizing, and operating the Encomm apps, so you can focus on growing your business.
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Our managed service not only assists you with integrating Encomm apps into your Shopify store,
but it also takes a data-driven approach and recommends the best features and settings to get the most out of the apps.

How Can Encomm Genie Help You?

Step 1

Install one or more of our encomm apps from the Shopify App Store. You can also sign-up for a call back from us.

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Step 2

Our Genie from the managed services team will get in touch with you to configure and launch the app with ease.

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Step 3

Based on your store settings, our genie will guide you through the necessary configuration and optimization steps to ensure the app functions smoothly.

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There’s More

Encomm offers this as a value-added service to all e-commerce stores that install our apps.

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Get the most of our managed services:

  • Best in class support assistance from the makers of the app.
  • Achieve complete operational efficiency using custom settings.
  • Save time & effort. Leave configuration and troubleshooting to the experts. 

Connect With Encomm Genie To Unlock Our Apps' True Potential

enComm Genie

E-commerce Solutions

Use Shopify Like A Pro

Our Genie delivers end-to-end shopify development solutions

Shopify Genie

This is the future!

The global e-commerce market is estimated to grow over $4 trillion by 2022, with about 2.14 billion people purchasing online. The exponential rise of the ecommerce market highlights the necessity for more retailers to transition to digital storefronts. Turn your ecommerce ideas into outcomes with Encomm Genie.

Do you have an idea?
We can bring it to life!

Transform your entrepreneurial ideas into great brands

Get a dedicated Genie to offer results-driven ecommerce solutions for your Shopify site. We provide an end-to-end framework of design, development and optimization. 

We are the best at what we do

Genie Best
Encomm Genie innovates concepts, designs, and develops the Shopify store while keeping customer pain points in mind. We strive to enhance store performance by offering the right software, custom features, and leading technologies. We also help with theme selection, logo creation for brands, and overall site look and feel based on brand objectives. We are not finished yet..
We also analyze your store’s performance and propose action points to achieve your key business goals like conversion rate, email signups, customer retention and much more.

Our E-commerce Services

Shopify website development

We are professionals in managing your online store because we have years of expertise running various ecommerce stores on Shopify. You’ll be assigned a dedicated Genie who will handle everything, including setting up the store, customizing the theme, installing relevant apps, optimizing performance, integrating payment channels, and ensuring the site functions smoothly.
Shopify Dev
Shopify Theme

Shopify theme integration

From choosing the right theme to upgrading new features, we’ve got you covered. Genie, our tech expert, will analyze your requirements and recommend the best theme for your Shopify store. Now, it’s simple to switch to a new theme. 

Custom store design

We create a website that is consistent with your brand while also improving the user experience. Allow us to customize your store with a unique design that compliments your logo and theme. Add custom fonts, new theme features, css adjustments, and easy-to-use design templates to get your store ready for business. 
Custom Store
Custom App

Custom app development

We design custom app features for merchants with unique requirements. All of our Encomm apps are simple to integrate and can be customized. Let us know what you need, and we’ll come up with a solution that will help your business grow.


Do you want to migrate your online store from ecommerce platforms like Magento or WooCommerce to Shopify but don’t have the time or resources to do it yourself? We’re here to help you migrate your brand and transfer your data successfully.
Data Migration

Data migration

During the replatforming process, customers’ information, order details, product descriptions, and subscription data are all at risk. With Encomm Genie, you don’t have to be concerned. Everything will be migrated seamlessly to the new platform, and a backup will be provided. 

Conversion rate optimization

Our Encomm apps are specifically created to improve conversion rate optimization (CRO). Our Genie will analyze the metrics and recommend CRO strategies that will convert traffic into sales, hence increasing revenue.
Conversion Rate

Performance enhancement

It is critical to boost website speed in order to lower bounce rates and drop in conversion. We will optimize and manage the page speed of your online store for increased performance and ranking.

International expansion

For merchants, expanding their business and developing a brand in the foreign market might be a great opportunity. This comprises payment methods, shipping duties, pricing conversions, compliances, and other tasks. Allow our Genie to guide you through the global ecommerce journey and assist you in reaching new customers.
International Exp

Our Genie Is Here

Technical Support

Unparalleled technical support


Retail specific apps and configurations


Dedicated experts to handle your store


Impact analysis through data insights


Reduced operational costs

You can now focus your time and effort on developing your brand and boosting your revenue.

Flexible Resources To Hire

Hire a genie to design, develop, optimize and manage your store.

Genie Plus

Genie Plus


Per store/month
Standard Plan

Genie Pro

Genie Pro
Request a quote based on your specifications and project customization.
Advanced Plan

Let’s Connect and Collaborate

Genie Connect
Stay a step ahead with increased productivity, efficiency and growth. Encomm Genie, your personalized Shopify solutions partner, can help you reach your full potential.

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